State and Federal Litigation

At Campanelli & Associates, P.C., we offer experienced representation in prosecuting and defending civil cases in all Courts throughout the State of New York, and in Federal cases throughout the United States.

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Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996 (TCA) Litigation

We offer representation to both local governments and intervenors in federal litigation under the TCA.

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Commercial Civil Rights Litigation

Under the United States Constitution, no individual, business or corporation may be deprived of a liberty or property interest without due process of law, and they are contemporaneously veiled with the right to equal protection under the laws of the United States and each respective individual state.

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Civil Forfeiture Prosecution and Defense

Our firm offers experienced representation to municipalities and claiming authorities, not only in the prosecution of civil forfeiture actions but in setting up civil forfeiture programs in their entirety.

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TCA Based – Zoning Ordinance Drafting

We offer experienced services in drafting local zoning provisions for local governments to enable them to vest themselves with the maximum authority to control the placement of cell towers and other wireless facilities within their jurisdiction, to the greatest extent the United States Congress intended to preserve that power to them, under the “General Authority” provision of the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996

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TCA Based – Zoning Application Review & Consulting

We offer experienced consulting to local Planning Boards, Zoning Boards of Appeals, City Councils, and other local zoning authorities in the processing of zoning applications seeking approvals for the installation of cell towers, small cells, Distributed Antenna (DAS) Systems, and other wireless facilities.

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Cell Tower & Wireless Facility Opposition Nationwide

As an individual, association or municipality, you have the right to fight against sustaining the adverse consequences which you may suffer in the event that a Cell Tower were to be installed in close proximity to your home, or in your community.

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