Cell Tower & Wireless Facility Opposition Nationwide

As an individual, association or municipality, you have the right to fight against sustaining the adverse consequences which you may suffer in the event that a Cell Tower were to be installed in close proximity to your home, or in your community.

You have a right to protect yourself, your family, friends and neighbors against the potential adverse health impacts associated with overexposure to RF radiation emanating from a Cell Tower situated in close proximity to you, your home or property.

You also have the right to: (a) fight against sustaining a loss to the value of your property as a result of the installation of a Cell Tower in close proximity, (b) protect yourself, your family, friends and neighbors against the dangers of Cell Tower failures and fires, which occur more often than the average person realizes and (c) fight against having the installation of a Cell Tower adversely affect the character or aesthetics of your neighborhood.

You also possess a federally protected right to be heard before any local Planning Board, Town Board or Zoning Board, and to make submissions to same, for the purpose of opposing any Cell Tower application seeking approval for the irresponsible placement of a Cell Tower or wireless facility near your home or in your community.

You additionally possess the right to demand that your local government create, implement and enforce local laws which prevent the owners and operators of wireless facilities and Cell Towers from over-exposing yourself, your family, friends and community to RF radiation levels which exceed the levels deemed safe by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

You also possess the right to demand that your local officials enact and enforce proper zoning ordinances which can protect your property values, can protect yourselves and the public from the potential dangers of Cell Tower collapse, and can further protect against Cell Towers adversely affecting both the aesthetics and the character of your neighborhood.

Finally, you have the right to retain legal counsel to protect your interests, and to guide you in the exercise of your rights, and to ensure that your local government or local zoning board is not mislead, deceived or intimidated into granting an application for the installation of a Cell Tower which would adversely impact your homes and/or community.

At Campanelli & Associates, P.C., we offer experienced representation to individuals, civic associations and municipalities who are desirous of invoking their rights to protect their property, their friends, families and neighbors, from the adverse effects of having a Cell Tower or Cell Antennas installed in close proximity to their homes or properties or in their community.

We have successfully defeated, and/or assisted in the defeat of, Cell Tower applications, and have guided municipalities in protecting their citizens against the adverse impacts of irresponsibly placed Cell Towers across the entire United States.

We provide such Cell Tower opposition services to individuals, civic groups and associations, local governments, and as co-counsel to local counsel, Nationwide.

If you are concerned about an application or proposal to install a Cell Tower or Wireless facility near you, call us before any public hearing takes place, and before it’s too late.

The earlier you obtain experienced counsel to intervene on your behalf, the greater the possibility that such counsel will be able to prevent an application seeking an approval for the installation of a Cell Tower, and the greater the likelihood that your counsel will be able to prevent the installation from ever taking place.



“The Campanelli team helped our community avert a guy wired 304′ tower monstrosity that would have commanded our rural, environmental, and historic landscape. The memorandum of opposition was the perfect inoculation against a tower company that was looking to ride roughshod over our community and a municipality. The insights and foundational arguments provided by Campanelli and Associates to fight back demonstrated why your community needs experts in this area. Every dime spent with the Campanelli team will pay the dividends for years to come. Don’t hesitate to hire this team before it is too late for you and your community.”

Michelle A. Toll
October 30, 2020

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent representation of the residents of Lake Success. As an attorney practicing for nearly thirty-three years, I can state with great certainty that your zealous representation of the residents of Lake Success was a major reason for the favorable settlement the Village made with Extenet. You truly saved dozens of homes from the blight and health effects of a nearby cell node.”

Geoffrey Mazel
June 25, 2020

“I just wanted to formally thank you for representing my family and our neighbors in order to stop Extenet from building their 5G tower across from our home. There are no words to express our gratitude. Without your support, knowledge, and perseverance, I am confident the outcome most likely would not have been as favorable. You truly are responsible for changing the course of this case.

I feel so grateful you agreed to take our case on. I knew from the moment we first spoke, you were the perfect attorney to represent us. We were incredibly lucky to benefit from your previous experience. Thank you for being so compassionate, ethical and concerned. I hope that you are able to continue the incredible work you are doing so one day the truth about the danger and corruption behind 5G will be acknowledged.”

Amy & Andy Dorf

“I will tell you this: Every zoning case, as you know, stands or falls on its own merits. However, and this gives you no particular advantage, but I think it bears saying because its true. I have been sitting here listening to these cases for 18 years. The only opposition case I ever heard presented by an attorney before this Board that made any sense, and had some substance to it, and was not based on hysteria or dribble, was by you. So, that is to your credit. It does not give you a leg up on this case, but it’s worth saying that it’s accurate.”

Chairman of the Town of Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals – addressing Mr. Campanelli, as he was about to successfully oppose an application to install a monopole Cell Tower.

Huntington ZBA #20090
October 28, 2010

“Speaking as a client, and as an attorney myself, I highly recommend Mr. Campanelli. Not only did he help our organization succeed in our fight, he was instrumental in getting our Town to implement the strictest cell antenna placement zoning laws in the Country. I was very impressed at his wealth of knowledge on the issue.”

Aimee Rapaport, Esq
[Application to
Install Cell Tower Denied]

“I found Mr. Campanelli to be a highly experienced and knowledgeable attorney in cell tower matters. He went before our town zoning board and gave an energetic and passionate argument against T-Mobile’s erection of a cell tower in our neighborhood. I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Rose Curto
[Application to
Install Cell Tower Denied]

“When we saw Mr. Campanelli on Channel 11 news, we knew he was the right person to represent us. Andrew Campanelli stands by his word, and by our side.”

Jodi H. Turk-Goldberg,

M.O.M.S. [Moms Of Merrick Speak out]

“Mr. Campanelli – Thank you very much for your help. You and your staff definitely have a top notch office. I was impressed in how you worked recently with me on my representation regarding a cellphone tower hearing. I was especially impressed with your first-hand knowledge about my particular jurisdiction and how incredibly patient and responsive you and your staff were to all of my questions about the process. You and your staff were proficient and professional in all aspects of my representation. My family and my fellow community members who attended the hearing thank you for your skills which could not have produced a better outcome – a denial of request for a variance.”

Warmest Regards,
Keith Anderson
[Application to Install Cell Tower Denied]

“Dear Andrew,
I thought it best to drop you an email to thank you for all your help. Taking up this case on such short notice was just short of a miracle. You were and are an outstanding attorney.”

Jeanie Verdis
[Application to
Install Cell Tower Denied]


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