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Hong Kong is considered a leading tax haven …However, salary tax is only considered for income that comes from business conducted inside of Hong Kong. Businesses operating in Hong Kong therefore do not generally have problems with double taxation of income. Notwithstanding this, the Hong Kong …The main one is the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, which lets you exclude the first around US$100,000 of foreign earned income from US tax if you can prove that you are a Hong Kong resident, and the Foreign Tax Credit, which gives you a $1 tax credit for every dollar of tax you’ve paid in Hong Kong…Mar 09, 2020 · Tax havens are countries with low tax rates, particularly for foreign investors, that make them attractive places for people to park their money. If you have foreign income or assets then these are not taxed. Hong Kong allows a deduction for foreign tax paid on turnover basis in respect of an income which is also subject to tax in Hong Kong. Jan 01, 2019 · Income from real properties situated in Hong Kong can be subject to tax; Any other item of income is exempt from tax. A Hong Kong branch of a foreign corporation is treated the same way as a locally incorporated company and is subject to similar corporate and tax …Foreign tax credits. Foreign. Foreign tax credits are available if foreign taxes are payable/paid on income derived from a jurisdiction that has entered into a CDTA with Hong Kong and the same income is subject to tax in Hong Kong. Both residents and expats are taxed at either a progressive 2% to 17%, depending on their income level, or a standard rate of 15%. . There is no special regime for non-residents. Hong Kong does not have a capital gains tax

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